Six Feet Under, o fim

Our death is our wedding with eternity
What is the secret? "God is One"
The sunlight splits when entering the windows of the house
This multiplicity exists in the cluster of grapes
It is not in the juice made from the grapes
For he who is living in the Light of God
The death of the carnal soul is a blessing
Regarding him say neither bad nor good
For he is gone beyond the good and the bad
Fix your eyes on God and do not talk about what is invisible
So that he may place another look in your eyes
It is the eternal light which is the Light of God
The ephemeral light is an attribute of the body and the flesh
Oh God who gives the grace of vision
The bird of vision is flying towards
You with the wings of desire

Mawlana Jalal-ad-Din Rumi

Forever Grateful, Yours Truly (hearts u)


Sam: You've grown.
Lucy: Have I?
Sam: Yeah, 'cause your ears are bigger and your eyes are older.

Às tantas da noite, noutro dia, o Sam e a Lucy voltaram a entrar pela minha televisão.
Sem descanso.

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