Metade mulher    metade pássaro
Metade anémona    metade névoa

Metade água    metade mágoa
Metade silêncio    metade búzio

Metade manhã    metade fogo
Metade jade    metade tarde

Metade mulher    metade sonho

Jorge de Sousa Braga
In "A Ferida Aberta"

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miranda july ou "são vidas", já dizia a outra

On action, I squeezed Carl's finger and he gripped mine. The urgency seemed obvious now, we both leaned forward and I held his bearded chin as we kissed quickly, not wanting to distract from the lead table. The feeling between us was mournful and desperate. We could not look away from each other, every inhalation was a question: Yes? Followed by: Yes. Falling and catching and falling and catching, we descended into a precarious and vivid place; I had always known it was there but had never guessed where. Carl's new sense of humor flourished in silence, he made subtly absurd gestures that surprised me into almost audible laughter. And I could not make a move without making love. Every time I shifted in my chair, lifted my fork, brushed my hair from my eyes, I seemed to be pushing through the motions as through honey, slowly and with all kinds of implications. I feared our breath was too loud. I seized his forearms, he took off his shoes, beneath the table, our feet pushed with an almost vocal eloquence. Dave cried, Cut, and then:

That's a wrap for our background, thank you, background actors!

Mon Plaisir, 
No one belongs here more than you
Miranda July


diz a my brightest diamond

enquanto te faltarem palavras para descrever o óbvio,
meu amor,
vou-me guardar na aglossia terna de março,
a pensar se recolho estilhaços de uma história que já não é.

fervilha a contenda de um transplante sonoro
para equilibrar as vontades bélicas e as melodias que me roubam de mim.

e, assim, desacreditar-nos como cegas,
quando a existência nos emborca para o derradeiro desfecho.

... e eu finjo acreditar.


no one belongs here more than you

According to Greek mythology and the Roman poet Ovid, who wrote about transformations in his Metamorphoses, Iphis (or Iphys) was the daughter of Telethusa and Ligdus in Crete. Ligdus had already threatened to kill his pregnant wife's child if it wasn't a boy. Telethusa despairs, but is visited in the middle of the night by the Egyptian goddess Isis, attended by Anubis and Apis, who assures her that all will be well. When Telethusa gives birth to Iphis, she conceals her daughter's sex from her husband and raises her daughter as a boy. Iphis falls in love with another girl, Ianthe. Iphis is deeply in love and prays to Juno to allow her to marry her beloved. When nothing happens, her mother Telethusa brings her to the temple of Isis and prays to the goddess to help her daughter. Isis responds by transforming Iphis into a man. The male Iphis marries Ianthe and the two live happily ever after. Their marriage is presided over by Juno, Venus, and Hymenaios, the god of marriage.

Algum dia tinha de ser

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